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SEAN TAN photography,我是一名風景婚紗攝影師,我來自馬來西亞柔佛州的一個小城市-居鑾,是一名國際創價學會會員(SGI,SOKA Gakkai International)。從我小就很容易被美麗影像所吸引,很喜歡觀賞富有美感的電影與照片,但一直沒有機會碰觸影像這一個領域...

SEAN TAN photography, I'm a pre-wedding photography, come from a small city - Kluang in Johor, Malaysia. I'm a SGI member (SOKA Gakkai International). I was easily attracted to beautiful images since I was a child, I like to watch movies and aesthetically pleasing photo, but I have never had a chance to touch the field of imaging...



2018 Fantastic 3 Photography Course (Taipei Station)

2019 KEDA.Z International Honorary Master Photography Course

2020 KEDA.Z protege Course.


2020 MPA Certified Professional Photographer   

2020 LMPA Licentiate qualification with the MPA UK

Certification 認證

Sean Tan Photography of Taiwan has just been awarded his Licentiateship of the Master Photographer Association (LMPA) with a stunning panel of Images of Pre-wedding, which is Sean speciality.

The judges’ comments given to Sean, included words like sheer quality, impact, stunning, outstanding and unique, which explained the strength of the whole panel.

Licentiateship of the MPA, is the hardest qualification to achieve within the photographic profession, as this takes a great deal of time, work and dedication to your art to reach this level. Entering the Association at probationary level and reaching the required high standards of this qualification is such a massive achievement. 

2019-2020 AWARD 獎項

2020 WPPI 年度20x16攝影打印比賽 榮獲6項銀獎

2020 PWS上半年希臘攝影比賽 榮獲1項第三名與5項銀獎

2019 1st half AWPA 亞洲婚紗攝影比賽 榮獲4項卓越獎

2019 2nd half AWPA 亞洲婚紗攝影比賽 榮獲1項卓越獎

2019 2nd half WPE 歐洲婚紗攝影比賽 榮獲5項銀獎

2019 Annual Final WPE 歐洲婚紗攝影比賽 榮獲3項銀獎

2019 2nd half PPAC 亞洲婚紗攝影比賽 榮獲2項銅獎

2020 WPPI Annual 20x16 printing competition winner 6 Silver  award 

2020 1st half PWS competition winner 1 third place 5 silver award 

2019 1st half AWPA competition winner 4 Excellent award  

2019 2nd half AWPA competition winner 1 Excellent award  

2019 2nd half WPE competition winner 5 Silver award

2019 Annual Final WPE competition winner 3 Silver award

2019 2nd half PPAC competition winner 2 BRONZE award


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